Teak Root Round Table with 180cm Round Glass


Teak root table with round 180cm wide Tempered safety glass

The teak root tables are unique pieces, with a singular design made from the root of the tree itself, converted into the foot of the table. By incorporating it into decoration, we will get naturalness to be present in each corner. Its finish is done carefully, leaving the knots and veto of the original wood in view, thus achieving a really natural look.

Table height 75cm tall

10mm thick tempered safety glass top

Protective Coating On The Wood To Seal And Give A Deep Low Gloss  Finish

The glass  comes as a separate piece. Minimal assembly required.

item in stock delivery time approx 10 days


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4 × Dining Chairs – Brown Faux Leather - Set of 2

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Teak root tree dining table with round  180cm wide tempered safety glass top
75cm tall

With protective coating on root for minimal maintenance


  • Glass Type; 10mm Tempered Glass
  • Weight 100 kg
  • Dimensions 180 × 180 × 76 cm
  • Material Root Wood, Teak
  • Seating Capacity 8
  • Shape Round
  • handmade  in indonesia

    Key Features

    ✓ High Quality; The quality of our teak root dining table is remarkable. The glass and root combination is just what you need to add vibrance to your home..
    ✓ Large Size; Standing up tall at 76 cm and 180 cm wide, this teak root dining table  is more than able to meet your daily needs.
    ✓ Protective Layer; Our tables has been professionally coated to give it a protective layer. This will ensure your table lasts a lifetime.
    ✓ Stable; Our dining table is well designed and very stable at the base.
    ✓ Beautiful Design; Our highly professional craftsmen have preserved the natural look of the roots whilst transforming it into a luxurious piece of furniture.

please note: you will not be receiving the exact  one in the picture  these teak root tables are unique and individually handmade and will be the same “specification”  however each piece is slightly different.

“sorry we cannot send pictures as the items are pre packaged in indonesia 

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