Teak root coffee table square large

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Large teak root coffee table square

  • 130cm x 130cm tempered safety glass top
  • 45 cm tall
  • tempered safety glass top
  • glass edges rounded so no sharp points
  • protective coating on root

Teak root coffee table square large

Teak root wood is a natural material very resistant to both weather and insects, this natural durability makes teak ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. When polished, the teak turns a buttery golden color.
If placed outdoors and exposed to the elements, over time the teak wood surface turns a beautiful shade of silver gray.

The teak roots used by us are taken advantage of by excavating the soil and due to their thickness they must go through a drying phase that can last more than a year.

Eye-catching and Eco-friendly, teak root furniture gets its whimsical look from its roots’ own wild and twisted features. Carved and formed from a single piece of whole teak root, the organic shape of teak is preserved and displayed to create unique and eye-catching furniture.

Teak roots are not only used to create stunning tables. Local artisans also take advantage of this organic teak wood to sculpt beautiful household items such as teak fruit bowl reclaimed teak, trays, sculptures.

Would you like to have a unique piece of teak root? In our collection we usually have a range of wonderful designs including dining tables, chairs or coffee tables. Visit our store and explore our collection of teak furniture.

1 review for Teak root coffee table square large

  1. Robin K. (verified owner)

    An unusual and fantastic piece of furniture which looks even better in situ. Tables and Chairs were brilliant in arranging delivery so quickly, particularly just before Christmas.

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