Teak Root Coffee Table round 60 cm


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Teak Root Coffee Table round 60 cm

Have you ever walked into a living apartment and saw a luxurious looking coffee table ? Are you a lover of coffee and would like a touch of luxury to your home ? If that’s you, we’ve got something you will truly love.

We’ve designed one of the most beautiful coffee tables of all time. It is an elegant coffee table made from Teak root. Its root base has been professionally coated using a high quality coating to seal the wood. If you are looking for the perfect furniture to transform your home, this is it!

Wherever you choose to place this teak root coffee table, it is sure to add character and some luxury to your living space. It will make your living room a beautiful scenery to stare at. The table has a glass top made from 10mm thick tempered safety glass. This will prevent it from shattering. Its high quality finish adds an astonishing design to its beauty.

Key Features

✓ High Quality; The quality of our coffee table is remarkable. The glass and root combination is just what you need to add vibrance to your home..
✓ Large Size; Standing up tall at 45cm and 60cm wide, this coffee is more than able to meet your daily needs.
✓ Protective Layer; Our Coffee has been professionally coated to give it a protective layer. This will ensure your table lasts a lifetime.
✓ Stable; Our coffee table is well designed and very stable at the base. It will not spill your coffee over.
✓ Beautiful Design; Our highly professional craftsmen have preserved the natural look of the roots whilst transforming it into a luxurious piece of furniture.


Glass Type; 10mm Tempered Glass
Size; 45CM Tall & 60CM Wide
Wood; Teak Root
Protective Coating Applied To Root Base

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Weight 25 kg


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