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Elevate your dining table or coffee table with functional and decorative accessories that add convenience and style to your home. Browse our collection of accessories to add the finishing touches to your tablescapes.

Set a coordinated yet personalized tablescape by mixing and matching table linens and dinnerware offered in various colors and patterns. Designate seating with name card holders and showcase floral arrangements.

Keep tabletop essentials handy but out of sight by storing them in wooden, metal, or woven holders that conveniently corral items like napkins, cutlery, and condiments while lending a decorative touch.

Choose accessories that reflect your personal taste, like fruit bowls, coasters, candles and candle holders, as well as accent pieces like tabletop bookshelves. These items keep your daily essentials organized while personalizing your space.

Elevate your next dinner party or casual family meal with our selection of stylish and functional dining table and coffee table accessories to best outfit your home. Discover pieces that make a statement or blend seamlessly into your existing decor.

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