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Often referred to as the Sovereign of Hardwood, teak is without question one of the finest timbers available globally. This is especially accurate when it pertains to furniture construction. Teak is a timber that is not only boasted on for its exquisite grains and bright hue, but it provides a resilience that most woods couldn’t envision persevering against. Indeed, giving its incapability to crack, warp, decay, or erode, a quality teak root coffee table or a teak root dining table purchase could be the last coffee table that you’ll ever require acquiring. Sounds nearly too exceptional to be authentic, correct? It’s factual, but this doesn’t imply that procuring a teak table won’t arrive with its reasonable portion of challenges. Given its immense popularity along with its price tag and unique durability, there are numerous manufacturers that will attempt to pass inferior material off as teak. This is why it’s worthwhile to comprehend how to detect authentic teak wood.

Understand The Physical Properties

The first factor you must know is that there will be no precise color of teak wood, so identification this way will be unachievable. This is unfortunate, but the hue of teak wood can differ contingent on the species of tree that it originates from as well as which element of the tree that it comes from. That doesn’t signify that teak wood doesn’t offer a range of distinct colors because it does. Colors can vary anywhere from dark golden-brown to yellowish-white. Knowing the exact category of teak you’re seeking can be tremendously beneficial when you are making a purchase.

The outer layer of the tree is identified as the sapwood and this is the section that will be yellowish in color. While it might provide a gorgeous and unique yellowish tone, it will offer a less resilient profile. And, this is due to the fact that this area of the tree has a higher moisture content, therefore making the wood weaker and more yellow than the remainder of the tree.

The core of the tree is identified as the heartwood and its colors can range from golden brown to darker brown. This wood is tremendously hard, robust, more expensive, and typically more sought-after compared to sapwood.

Pay Close Attention To Stains

It is advantageous to be capable to identify teak wood by color, but what about when stain enters the equation? You’d be astonished at just how numerous manufacturers out there stain teak wood. And, when they do this it masks the original hue of the wood. If you notice that the piece you are intrigued in has a stain coating, you’ll have to invent another technique to identify the category of wood you are dealing with. The most excellent place to initiate is with age. Inquire about the age of the wood to guarantee that you acquire the type of wood you desire. Why is this essential? Teak wood becomes darker with age.

Contemplate The Grain Of The Piece

The grain is also something you’ll wish to pay close attention to when attempting to identify natural and genuine teak wood. The grain of a teak wood tree is generally straight. It will be nearly as if you are gazing at direct streaks or lines. These streaks and lines should also be a much darker color than that of the remainder of the wood. All that being stated, it is also vital to comprehend that there are some woodcuts of teak that can show up somewhat wavy. It will not be so wavy that it will appear curly, but it will be just somewhat wavy. If the wood grain doesn’t appear straight or at minimum mostly straight, you’ll desire to begin questioning the piece. It could be feasible that it’s artificial or the manufacturer is attempting to pass it off as a fake.

A Leather-Like Aroma

If you examine any data on teak, you’ll discover that it is an tremendously oily wood. It is the oil that this tree naturally produces that provides it numerous of its unique properties. In addition to this, the oil assists the tree resist disease. However, it is this oil that also makes the wood stand out in a different manner. And, this is the scent. The natural oil generated by the tree emits a leather-like fragrance. This is one of the techniques that you can determine if you are actually dealing with teak or not.

Inspect The Weight

Another exceptional way to identify teak is by weight. You already comprehend that teak is tremendously resilient and durable. It is these attributes that make it substantial in weight. It is problematic to state how much the piece should weigh given the overall size and design of the table, but you can anticipate teak wood to have some heftiness to it. If you lift up the table, you should perceive that you have grasped something sturdy. Despite this, it is still somewhat dense. Lifting the piece should feel as if you are lifting something heavier than a piece of particleboard. If you lift the piece and it feels light and porous, chances are you are not dealing with authentic, natural teak.

Creating A Master Checklist

Above are all the characteristics of teak wood. It might not seem like abundant information, but there is much there and some can easily be overlooked or forgotten. If you are going to buy an authentic, natural piece of teak wood furniture, you are going to disburse a substantial price for it. Given this, you’ll desire to ensure that you are actually getting what you are paying for. Some of the very finest ways to accomplish this are by verifying that the piece adheres to all the standards listed here. There might be some exceptions that you’ll encounter, but these should be extremely rare, far, and few in between. If your piece doesn’t match these standards, you are likely dealing with an imitation.


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